Tour of Utah: Magazine Advertising

Tour of Utah: Magazine Advertising
TOU: Beautiful Agony
TOU: Scenic Torture
TOU: Breathtaking Torture

Client: The Tour of Utah
Agency: Saxton Horne Communications
Design: James Kenison
Cyclist Photography: Jonathan Devich
Copy: Brian McDonough,
Brooks Briggs, and Ryan Croker
Creative Direction:
Brian McDonough and Brooks Briggs

In 2014, the Tour of Utah was one of three top-level professional cycling races in the United States. It boasted the most extreme altitudes and climbs of the three, which was not consistently recognized in the broader cycling community.

We created a series of ads to run in Bicycling magazine. These ads highlighted and juxtaposed the two unique features the Tour of Utah offered: Utah’s beautiful scenery (including southern Utah) and the punishing courses of the race itself.

Additionally, we were provided an established style guide of required elements (color palette, sponsor logos, cycling organization logos, tenth anniversary mark, Helvetica), and asked to implement them all as cohesively as possible.

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