Salt Lake Bees: It’s Better at the Ballpark

Salt Lake Bees: It's Better at the Ballpark
Salt Lake Bees Billboard
Salt Lake Bees Billboard
Salt Lake Bees Billboard
Salt Lake Bees Working Message Ads

Client: Salt Lake Bees
Agency: Saxton Horne Communications
Design: James Kenison
Photo Manipulation:
James Kenison and T.C. de Hoyos
Fan Photography: Eric Östling
Player Photography: Brent Asay
Copy: Kim Smart
Creative Direction: Brian McDonough

The Salt Lake Bees advertising for the 2013 season consisted of two complementary directions. For the brand message campaign,  emphasis was placed on the ballpark experience, rather than the team. Large freeway billboards were designed showing families at the games and a consistent word mark treatment of the phrase “It’s Better at the Ballpark.” This direction was considered very successful, and these elements continued to be used by the team’s in-house design staff over subsequent seasons.

The Working Message consisted of baseball player imagery and prominent game and event information. This approach was used in smaller “30-sheet” billboards and newspaper ads. Often these pieces were designed to promote specific games that would be followed by fireworks shows.

Both messages share consistent design elements, promoting brand recognition and unity.

Work Shown: Billboards and newspaper ads.

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