Merry Quizmas: Holiday Character Challenge

Merry Quizmas: Holiday Character Challenge
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During the process of creating the site, some characters were deemed too-obscure or not-Christmasy-enough.

Two of these were replaced by more-recognizable characters from the same sources. The others were dropped completely.

Merry Quizmas Extra Characters
Design: James Kenison
Illustration: James Kenison
Additional Contributions: Daniel Blaser

Merry Quizmas was developed with some co-workers as a fun side project. The idea was to present a quiz with holiday characters ranging from common to obscure—in fact, hopefully so obscure that no single person would be able to identify them all, creating an opportunity for collaboration and discussion. It worked, and just two days after we rolled the site out with a small amount of social media promotion, it was featured on the website Overall, we were thrilled with the response the site received.

Award: Copper Ingot, AIGA Salt Lake City

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